Seven tips for decorating your loft in Rochester, NY



If you’re looking to easily transform a space, but you are on a small budget, add some paint to those bare walls. Before you choose a paint color for one room, look around and put together a color palette so that the colors flow from room to room. If you are renting (and have gotten approval from management), stick with a light shade so that you can easily paint over if when you move out. Neutral walls also give you the greatest flexibility when it comes to decorating and being able to switch up your accessories. Common color schemes among lofts are typically neutral with hues of beige, taupe, and white throughout, but get creative when you rent our lofts in Rochester, NY!


Choose a Style

Lofts tend to be more contemporary when it comes to style and decor, with sleek lines and smooth services. Try and incorporate natural materials such as wood and stone for a modern look. Our lofts in Rochester, NY boast natural wood trim and hardwood floors, which make it easy to style.


Arranging Furnishings

When placing furniture in your new loft, think of a nice hotel lobby. The furniture is arranged so that it is conducive to conversation and feels inviting. If you have the furniture, try to arrange your furniture in a U- or H-shaped lay out. One common misconception is that people push furniture against the walls because they think it will make the room look bigger. It does the exact opposite because when you float the furniture away from the walls it gives the feeling that the room is actually larger than it is.


Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

Should we say it again? Hang at least one mirror in every room. Mirrors make a space feel brighter because they help bounce light around the room. Hang mirrors on walls that are perpendicular to the windows, but not directly across from them, unless you want to bounce the light right back out the window!


Warm Up the Floor

Our lofts in Rochester, NY feature beautiful hardwood floors, but that may not be conducive for some people throughout the colder months. Adding in area rugs are a great way to help define the space between different areas as well as add a pop of color, pattern, and texture.


Hang Window Treatments

Fabric curtains immediately add luxurious structure and color to a room. If you have neutral colored walls this could be where you add in a pop of color. Not only are they stylish, but they give you privacy! Choose treatments that give you privacy, while letting just the right amount of light in when wanted. And remember, you have city views from your loft of Rochester, NY, so don’t hide your windows too much!


We know our lofts in Rochester, NY are beautiful on their own, but we know you will want to add your own personal touch. Keep our tips in mind for when you move in!