Questions To Ask Before You Rent

At Kirstein Lofts in Rochester, NY we provide the high quality loft you’ve been looking for. It may seem obvious that you need to do a walk through of the unit you want to rent before making it official with signing papers, but are you being specific enough with what you’re looking at? Below are several things you need to inspect before you get out that pen and sign those papers!

Interior Paint: Go from room to room in the space you’re renting and inspect the paint in each room. Are there any scratches? Holes? Water spots? If so, make sure this is documented properly before you sign your lease. You do not want to be responsible at the end for damage that was incurred before you arrived!

Safety Equipment: You want to make sure your rental space is equipped with essentials you may need in case of an emergency. Do the smoke detectors work? Is there a fire extinguisher handy? These are things often overlooked, but crucial to be aware of. If your rental space is heated via furnace don’t forget to ask about a carbon monoxide detector, too! Safety comes first with our tenants at our lofts in Rochester, NY, so these are checked before any tenant moves in.

Carpeting/Flooring: Similar to the paint inspection you need to be aware of the condition of the carpeting and other flooring throughout the space. Document the damage you find to ensure you are not to blame when the time comes to leave.

Electricity: Check those lights and ceiling fans! Also, inquire about all the electrical outlets within the rental space and have the landlord double check that they all work. It would be a let down to find out after the fact that the outlets you need are not working properly.

AC/Heating: Request that the landlord operates the heating and cooling system in the home and check that all vents, radiators, or air conditioning units are working in every room. It’s also recommended to ask about the insulation within the rental space as poor insulation can directly relate to higher utility costs. This is important especially when renting lofts in Rochester, NY with the varying and changing seasons!

Appliances: If appliances are included within your rental space make sure they are all functioning properly - refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. Let your landlord know of any scratches, dents or broken parts!

Windows: It’s common in lofts to have many, many windows. Make sure they all open and lock properly. Check for and cracks or damages to screens as well.

Plumbing: Take a quick look at any exposed piping you can find, for example under the kitchen sink. Take note of any signs of wetness, mold, or deterioration that you notice. Don’t forget to check the shower/tub for signs of mold. Run all the faucets and flush the toilets. Take pictures of anything that looks like it could lead to issues in the future.

Overall it’s important that you be aware of the condition of the rental space you are about to commit to. The space is going to be your living space and you don’t want to risk having issues that could’ve been avoided if a thorough inspection was done. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions or to be too picky!

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